Making a Difference and Having a Positive Impact on Your Organization

As agile team coaches, we help software development companies implement a strong culture that fosters the engagement and empowerment of all and achieving business objectives.
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Why Choose an Agile Team Coach?

If any of the statements below apply to you, your organization can benefit from an agile team coach.

You would like to implement the agile methodology within your teams or across your organization but you don’t know where to start.

You’ve recently adopted Agile but you feel like you’re stagnating.

You have been using agile methods for some time and you’re ready to move to the next level.

You want to stop “doing agile” and get your organization to “be agile”.

These are all good reasons to hire an agile team coach!

What does an agile team coach really do?

An agile team coach intervenes at 5 levels:

  • The agile coach diagnoses and evaluates your current agility level in order to suggest concrete improvements that will impact your teams’ performance;
  • The team coach supports your Scrum Masters and their teams in the implementation of these improvements to boost your agility level;
  • Alternatively, the coach temporarily plays the role of the Scrum Master (while you recruit and train one) in order to lay the essential foundation;
  • The agile team coach transfers his knowledge and best practices in order to develop these abilities in your employees;
  • Finally, the team coach assists you with product management.

Our agile team coaches have developed tools and techniques to effectively intervene with your teams. They are not agile method purists, but rather experienced practitioners that can adapt to the unique reality of each business.

I already have Scrum Masters, why do I need an agile team coach?

Regardless whether you have begun adopting certain agile practices in your organization or not, the team coach will help :

  • You choose the method best suited for you from all the methods available (Scrum, Kanban, ScrumBan, etc.)
  • The members of your teams implement the necessary roles, activities, meetings and tools for optimal functioning. If the roles are not all filled within your organization, the agile team coach can also partake in the execution of certain activities.
  • You select the best people to fill the different roles required according to the selected method.
  • You train and transfer the knowledge and expertise to your team members.
  • Your Scrum Masters develop their skills in order to grow them to the next level.
  • Facilitate certain meetings.

How do your agile team coaches differ from the rest?

Beyond their certifications, each of our agile team coaches boasts more than 10 years of experience within small, medium and large size organizations.

In addition to having successfully worked with many teams, their interventions are closely supervised by a certified coach from the International Coach Federation.

Moreover, our agile team coaches continuously hone their professional development and knowledge by participating in various trainings and conferences. A mentor coach is also assigned to each of our agile team coach throughout their engagements to offer support with any challenges they may encounter.

Our coaches are carefully selected after having demonstrated their abilities to significantly impact the agile teams they are helping.

Unlike other consulting firms, our team coaches aim to get you independent as quickly as possible.

What services can you offer me?

Through our agile team coaches, we help organizations implement a strong culture that fosters engagement, self-empowerment and achieving objectives.

We provide strategic guidance, tactical (in-the-field) support and customized training.