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How do I create an agile project management system?

Agile project management: While the concept of agility in teams and project management has been around for almost 20 years, organizational agility has seen a popularity surge in the software development field, and is gradually spreading to other sectors.

It’s been proven that concepts like rapid experimentations, frequent iterations, continuous improvement and customer feedback aren’t exclusive to development teams. Most organizations can benefit from organizational agility.

While the approach is often used in project management and agile teams, organizational agility targets the following bigger objectives. Organizational agility helps increase:

  • Team productivity and efficiency (and reduce operational costs)
  • Quick delivery of added value in a way that is predictable and repeatable
  • Interactions and collaboration between all individuals that are key to success (to eliminate the silo mentality and boost performance)
  • Adaptability to changes and the adaptation of processes (to quickly respond to evolving needs)
  • Real contribution to the purpose of the team and of the organization as a whole (to increase employee engagement)
  • Adoption of “adult” behaviours (to reduce the need for micromanagement)
  • Autonomy and self-organization of teams and individuals (to leverage employees’ intrinsic motivation)
  • Delegation of authority and transparency (to transfer decision-making power to employees)
  • Greater emphasis on obtaining results (to improve performance)
  • Periodic feedback, employee’s continuous professional development and the constant improvement of processes (to ensure the company’s ability to continue to evolve)

I like these objectives, but how are they related to organizational agility?

A dynamic and prosperous corporate culture doesn’t develop on its own. Company leaders must adhere to it, promote it and be very attentive so that the culture becomes what they want it to be.

Just as changes in culture start at “the top”, it’s critical to collaborate with experts that have the experience and a proven methodology that facilitates obtaining objectives, like that of establishing organizational agility across a company.

When it comes to adopting a more agile organizational culture to respond to market changes, the implementation of agility in teams, projects and the entire organization can create positive results.

What services can you offer me?

We help organizations in implementing organizational agility and a strong culture that fosters engagement, accountability and meeting objectives.

We provide strategic guidance, tactical (in-the-field) support and customized training.