"Courage and confidence are critical values for success"

Laëtitia Lafeuille

Team Coach, Agile Transformation
Collaborator with the Audacium Alliance


Pragmatic and rigorous are character traits that put me on the IT development career path more than 10 years ago.

Originally a developer, then a manager, I developed many skills in logic and methodology in the early part of my career. Being someone organized and with strong interpersonal skills allowed me to flourish in these roles. 2013 was the year I dove into agile and took on the role of scrum master. Having embarked on a journey of self-discovery, I was surprised by the new learning axis that presented itself to me: that of the human!

It was then that I realized that the main issues we face today are those of the human kind. Performance and success are directly related to a company’s culture and values and, above all, the manner in which those cultures and values manifest themselves on a daily basis by wholly considering their employees.

Beyond agility methods, my mission is to get to the heart of a team to understand how it functions as well as its weaknesses in order to promote the full potential of each person and to implement efficient work methods for all participants.

My core beliefs

  • Courage and confidence are critical values for success. To dare to take risks and to view failures as learning opportunities in turn optimize team performance and creativity.
  • In complex and ever-changing environments, pragmatism is key. It’s important to adapt to the context at hand and to act quickly. It’s by trying that we understand, learn and adapt.
  • Each person can contribute to collective success, given the right conditions.
  • Being true to oneself, leveraging one’s strengths and having fun are critical for self-fulfillment and performance.

I hope that we will have the opportunity to get to know each other soon.