Our approach / methodology

We help organizations implement an intrapreneurship culture.

Our approach to implementing an intrapreneurship culture

Intrapreneurship: Startups are well known for their ability to quickly adapt to change, to innovate and to respond quickly to customer needs, for establishing stimulating work environments for their employees and for ultimately producing results with fewer resources than their larger competitors.

13 musts for implementing an intrapreneurship culture

After more than fifteen years of good (and not so good) experiences attempting to implement an intrapreneurship culture, of attending trainings and numerous conferences (not to mention poring over hundreds of books), we’ve developed a robust approach that perfectly adapts to the situations faced by different organizations.

Our proven approach allows our clients to boost team performance and employee motivation while being more innovative. Our clients generally see concrete results in less than 90 days.

How to implement an intrapreneurship culture

We believe that human behaviours and team dynamics are the most complex to manage and the ones with the greatest impact on an organization’s results.

We therefore work primarily on modifying the 13 specific behaviours so as to improve interactions between individuals and to enhance team performance

Intrapreuneurship 2

When implementing an intrapreneurship culture, we work, above all, to

  • Alter structures, modify roles and responsibilities and change
  • Remove any obstacles that stand in the way of achieving the desired performance
  • Grant the necessary autonomy to optimize each person’s performance
  • Establish environments that inspire each person to professionally develop
  • Detect and correct inconsistencies between words and actions
  • Transform the conversational environment to focus on the future and desired possibilities (rather than on recurring or past events)
  • Implement a way of functioning that identifies problems more quickly.

Under which circumstances should we implement an intrapreneurship culture?

If you want to improve team performance, increase employee motivation and innovate to satisfy the expectations of your customers, an intrapreneurship culture can help you meet these objectives.

More specifically, our approach allows us to improve the following issues: