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Evaluate your organizational culture: Our proven approach allows you to change your organizational culture while boosting team performance and employee motivation. Our clients generally see concrete results in less than 90 days.

Evaluate your organizational culture to know if it’s causing problems

According to a recent study published by Deloitte, more than 50% of the leaders interviewed cited organizational culture change and increasing employee engagement and retention as some of the “most urgent problems to resolve”.

The good news is that by modifying your organizational culture, you could increase your company’s performance level and employee engagement!

If you want employees who are committed to the success of their project but are noticing the presence of dysfunctional teams that breed blame and conflict, it might be time to reevaluate your organizational culture.

Likewise, if you need to react fast to your competition but complacency and lack of urgency are slowing you down, it’s probably time to change your organizational culture.

How to evaluate your organizational culture and change it if you need to?

There are typically 4 types of corporate culture:

  • Control culture: A strong hierarchical structure that emphasizes clearly defined and standardized operating processes and that applies evaluation and controlling measures to ensure that rules are followed.
  • Competition culture: A hierarchical and matrix structure oriented towards productivity and that strives to efficiently respond to the needs of external customers to eliminate the competition and own a major market share.
  • Collaboration culture: A matrix or by-project structure that is based on common values and objectives to foster across-the-board participation in meeting established objectives.
  • Creativity culture: An open structure distinguished by innovation, continuous improvement and creativity.

Are you able to identify your organizational culture?

Is your current organizational culture preventing you from getting to the next level?

  • Control culture: A control culture is adapted to companies evolving in a stable and predictable market, where operating efficiency is the company’s primary distinguishing and growth factor.
  • Competition culture: The competition culture is adapted to companies evolving in a hostile environment in which customers have an abundance of choice and where price is a determining factor. If your competitors are gaining market shares by competing on characteristics other than “price”, your organizational culture might no longer be adapted to your new reality.
  • Collaboration culture: The collaboration culture favours employee consensus and professional accomplishment. This culture is ideal for companies evolving in an environment that is constantly changing and highly competitive, and whose future is uncertain and hard to predict. If your company is stuck by slow decision-making and the need for consensus, it’s likely your culture likely needs to be adapted.
  • Creativity culture: The creativity culture values individuality, quickly adapting to change, and entrepreneurial characteristics.

If you have too many parallel projects and you feel like you’re missing some focus, your organizational culture might need adjusting.

What services can you offer me?

We help organizations in their organizational development and the implementation of a strong culture that fosters engagement, accountability and meeting objectives.

We provide strategic guidance, tactical (in-the-field) support and customized training.