Business Transformation Consultants Instilling a Startup Culture to Reinvent Organizations

Since 2012, Audacium has been advising leaders and executives and coaching teams in their implementation of a strong startup culture that fosters team performance, employee engagement and happiness at work.

Business Transformation Consultants: transforming people into performance agents

Our business transformation consultants provide executives with strategic advice and team coaching to assist in implementing an agile corporate culture.

While many of our clients are software firms, creative multimedia, digital agencies and financial institutions, our methodology has also been applied to companies in various sector of activities.

Strategic Advice + Team Coaching

Audacium offers its clients a range of services such as team or organizational diagnosis, implementation of an agile startup culture, project turnaround strategies and agile team coaching.

Thanks to our experienced business transformation consultants and a recognized and proven approach our clients generally see concrete results within less than 90 days.

Our clients appreciate the results from our intervention, and their employees often call their time with us the “best project they have experienced” in their career.

By synchronizing “team performance” and “team engagement”, we help your company move to the next level.

We live for reinventing organizations

We instill an agile corporate culture, such as the one found in startups, in which intrinsic motivation, willingness to contribute and a sense of accomplishment of each individual are the source and consequence of exceptional performance.

The vision that motivates us

Among all the possible options for professional development, employees prefer actively contributing to the mission of our clients.

To learn more about our values and beliefs, we invite you to read our Manifesto.

What does Audacium mean?

Audacium comes from the Latin word “audāx”, meaning audacious, courageous and lively.

Our company name captures the excellence of the individuals, teams and organizations that we help. Audacium’s clients have the courage to step out of their comfort zones and explore new ways of doing things to achieve never-before-seen results.