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Bonheur au travail

Do I want to increase my employees’ happiness at work?

While a plethora of studies show that the levels of employee engagement towards their employer are stagnating at around 32% (17% of employees state that they’re completely disengaged from their jobs) the solutions that are implemented to increase happiness at work often bring disappointing results.

In the last ten years, we have developed (and tested) an approach that not only improves employee happiness at work, but also increases their level of performance.

Our approach involves focusing on how teams function and on the expected behaviours that allow employees to rediscover happiness at work, while allowing companies to boost their performance!

A study from Columbia University reveals that in companies with a poor and unadapted culture, employee are 48.4% likely to leave, while in those companies with a rich and adapted organizational culture, the number drops to 13.9%.

How does one increase happiness at work?

The popular ping-pong tables, espresso machines, innovative office layouts or even the age-old salary increase or bonus can all increase employee happiness at work.

On the other hand, it’s been often proven that these changes only marginally improve happiness at work, and that the results from these improvements fizz out rather quickly.

Too many companies fall into the trap of quick fixes and miracles, and find themselves soon disappointed. Human beings are too complex to be seduced by “stuff” or cosmetic bandaids that are supposed to significantly increase their level of happiness at work.

What can increase employee happiness at work?

Many studies reveal that certain elements have a proven positive result on the level of employee happiness at work:

  • Establishing a safety zone promoting respect, trust and powerful dialogue. This safety zone encourages employees to take initiatives without the fear of being criticized or disciplined. When employees are able to learn from their mistakes, their level of happiness at work increases.
  • Engagement and a sense of belonging encourage team members to actively contribute to the success of the group by orienting all their actions towards attaining desired objectives.
  • Clearly set objectives help to make visible and to adequately measure the progress of activities in terms of meeting objectives. Clarity also helps increase the ability to predict results and team performance.
  • Autonomy in employees’ activities and accountability in attaining established objectives that make sense to them and have a real impact.
  • The opportunity to develop skills that stimulate employees while improving a company’s way of doing things.

While many think that increasing employee happiness at work is a specific and independent project, our experiences show that improving happiness at work occurs with the implementation of certain behavioural elements, modifying processes and above all, defining objectives that are clear and motivating.

In changing corporate culture, we implement solutions that improve employee happiness in the workspace (and company performance).

What services can you offer me?

To increase happiness at work, we assist organizations in the implementation of a strong culture that fosters engagement, accountability and meeting objectives.

We provide strategic guidance, tactical (in-the-field) support and customized training.