"When their actions reflect their words, leaders are performance accelerators."

Martin Proulx

Executive Advisor, Agile Enterprise Culture
Founder of the Audacium Alliance


Professionally, I act as a strategist in transforming organizational cultures alongside leaders that want to improve the motivation, engagement and performances of their organization.

Based on my use of words like motivation, engagement and performance, you would think that I am a human resources (HR) guy, or an expert in organizational development (OD) or change management. Unfortunately, you’ld be wrong!

At the core, I am a transformation accelerator, who implements an agile culture within organizations.

As a former business executive and experienced leader, I had the opportunity to develop a methodology that combines team performance and employee engagement. Inspired by agile methods, I have contributed to the success of both large corporations and small and medium-sized businesses by establishing high-performing teams that have a direct impact on the success of their organizations.

My strength lies in my ability to quickly assess the human and organizational issues and effectively modify the people dynamics to meet desired objectives.

In developing intentional leadership, modifying the company’s conversation and increasing accountability, I significantly improve organizations’ performances. In other words, I go way beyond implementing agile methods; I instill the conditions that spark the natural motivation within people to attain the desired outcomes.

I have a master’s degree in managerial sciences, a bachelor’s degree in administration, and I am a trained professional accountant.

My core beliefs

  • Fundamentally, individuals have good intentions. People of malicious intent are rare, even in a professional context.
  • Human beings are resilient. They are completely capable of learning from experiences (even the difficult ones) and to develop new skills.
  • Contrary to indoor plants and pets, most adults don’t need someone “taking care of them”. By giving them the necessary autonomy, employees are able to deliver desired results.
  • Given the right conditions and opportunities, individuals and teams are naturally motivated to excel.
  • Powerful conversations and authentic relationships are the pillars of high-performing organizations.
  • When their actions reflect their words, leaders are performance accelerators.

I hope that we will have the opportunity to get to know each other soon.