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We help organizations implement a startup culture that fosters engagement, self-empowerment and achieve results.
Culture de startup

Can a startup culture solve my problems?

Startup culture: In order to reconcile “team (and company) performance” and “employee motivation”, we implement what we call a “startup culture”.

We believe a startup culture can help achieve 3 concrete results: improve team and company performance, increase employee motivation and engagement and accelerate the adoption of an innovative approach to meeting client expectations.

What’s a Startup Culture?

Startups are known for, among other things: a quick response in making decisions and adapting to change, innovating and responding to the needs of their clients, creating stimulating work environments for their employees and ultimately producing results with fewer resources than their larger competitors.

Implementing a startup culture therefore consists of assessing current conditions and accompanying leaders and their teams in developing key abilities, in optimizing their operational processes and in using tools that are adapted to their challenges.

In other words, we work on the human aspects (abilities and behaviours), on the processes and on the tools. Our approach has shown excellent results.

Is a startup culture only for small businesses?

Startups are all the rage. There’s no shortage of praise from business news media for the creative and dynamic entrepreneurs who build successful businesses despite adversity, competition and less-than-favourable economic conditions.

Yet it would be wrong to limit the startup culture to small businesses. The operating mode of many of the most dynamic, innovative and respected companies, including Spotify, Netflix, Gore-Tex or Patagonia is based on a culture that fosters individual and team autonomy while holding everyone accountable to results.

The startup culture can be applied to businesses of any-size that want better results and more engaged employees.

What are the benefits of a startup culture?

In our discussions with leaders and team managers, we are often asked how to increase:

  • Collaboration and interactions between all individuals critical to the success of a project
  • The ability to adapt processes to changing conditions
  • The speed of producing added value in a way that is predictable, frequent and repeatable
  • Client satisfaction and their implication in operational processes
  • Team and individual autonomy and employees’ adoption of “adult” behaviours
  • The focus on employees attaining their set objectives
  • Continued improvement in processes and innovation

Alternately, these leaders and managers want to decrease:

  • Conflicts, absenteeism and lack of employee motivation
  • The silo mentality and individualism
  • Activities that don’t bring added value
  • Lack of employee accountability
  • Complacency and toxic behaviours

Establishing a startup culture allows businesses to increase the level of employee engagement, improve results and create a stimulating work environment. Our approach generally leads to concrete results in less than 90 days.

What services can you offer me?

We help organizations implement a strong culture that fosters engagement, self-empowerment and meeting objectives.

We provide strategic guidance, tactical (in-the-field) support and customized training.