"In a favourable climate, most people thrive on improving."

Jean Côté

Team Coach, Agile Transformation
Member of the Audacium Alliance


Professionally, I love being in the field and witnessing individuals transform themselves within evolving teams. In the global strategy to transform within a company, greatly inspired by agile methods, I coach teams and their leaders  so they can develop self-organization, accountability and autonomy, thereby creating a natural improvement in team engagement and performance.

I spent the vast majority of my career in software development within small and medium-sized companies. I occupied every position, from developer to director. I remember very well the human energy, motivation and the performance that emerged from these organizations.

As a team coach, transformation agent and facilitator, I help individuals and teams develop themselves well beyond the mere adoption of agile methods or scrum. I work to implement the conditions that create an intrapreneurial culture within a team. Each team member in a transformation becomes therefore an integral part of their own work organization, decision-making and responsibility.

As someone with an important presence in the daily life of a team, I come equipped with many experiences that help people better understand their autonomy sandbox, as well as to create a climate conducive to continuous improvement, powerful conversations, and improving performance.

My core beliefs

  • All individuals showing up to work have good intentions. Rare are the exceptions.
  • All the decisions at a given moment are the right decisions. It’s in what follows that those decisions may become incorrect.
  • The capacity of individuals to make better decisions is directly proportional to the level of transparency in an organization.
  • The level of tolerance towards gossip, blame and the things not expressed is inversely proportional to an organization’s performance.
  • Most adults are able to make and be accountable for their decisions.
  • Most adults are able to do their work well.
  • Collective intelligence is superior to individual intelligence.
  • In a favourable climate, most people thrive on improving.

I hope that we will have the opportunity to get to know each other soon.