"Let's free the organization, let's free the individuals! Letting the full potential of each emerge in the service of a common goal."

David Pan

Team Coach, Agile Transformation
Collaborator with the Audacium Alliance


Versatile and autonomous: I help organizations transform themselves at the procedural or human level through tools and the Agile / Lean mentality.

I fell in love with computers when I was little when I created my first PC from scratch. I went through software development (easy) and today human development (less easy).

It was while working in various teams as an Analyst / Programmer that I discovered Lean. In fact, improving and making visible team operations and team dysfunctions were my first steps in this world where I was looking for a way to be more efficient in my work while facilitating my collaboration with others.

More recently I became interested in the human aspects when I had the chance to occupy positions of project managers, as well as managing budgets and material resources. The latter was easy (it’s Maths after all) whereas managing humans seemed impossible (there is no Math).

It is this element that led me today to want to help individuals to collaborate with others and with themselves. Those are the interactions that motivate me and enrich me every day.

My core beliefs

  • Give yourself the courage to express your thoughts, your needs, but also to accept things for the common good.
  • Challenge the status quo and do not live in the past, but look to the future.
  • Observe and learn from the world around us such as the Japanese “Shu-ha-ri” we continue to evolve and for that to show humility and to open to the world.
  • Bouncing back and seeing obstacles and defeats as a mean of learning.

“The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine. – Nikola Tesla